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moon blends + leather luna pouch PRE-ORDER

$ 128.00

BYNDbooks x remedes + richewels 

beautified functionality + aromatherapy 

ready for shipping or pickup August 9th

our signature moon blends now in rollerballs to use as moon phase allies throughout your day; wrapped up in sacred leather beauty to keep them safe and snuggled.

ultra-soft deerskin leather with 3 pouches for roller bottles

color options; moon cream + luna black

bead options; southwest wood + modern silver

(3) 10 ml bamboo roller bottles

therapeutic grade essential oils in organic fractionated coconut oil

  • EXPAND - new moon - petitgrain + lemongrass + bergamot

new moon essence offers us a phase for new beginnings, intentionality, and expansion. petitgrain; the essence of openness + communication. bergamot; bringing a sense of confidence + empowerment. lemongrass; offering vitality + mental clarity.

  • NOURISH - half moon - copaiba + lavender + cedarwood

half moon essence offers us a phase to nourish emotional energy into creative passion. copaiba; the oil of unveiling + worthiness. lavender; offering us a sense of trust + security. cedarwood; grounding us back into the earth with an open heart.

  • CLEANSE - full moon - green mandarin + wild orange + lemon

full moon essence offers us a phase for cleansing, letting go + tuning into our higher purpose. green mandarin; the oil of courage + playfulness. wild orange; uplifting us into abundance. lemon; offering us enthusiasm + insight.

moon blend refills available locally in Tucson, AZ at the desert wellness nook

 handmade in Tucson, AZ