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BodyQuest Pilates and remedes + richewels have joined forces to bring you a wellness membership created to encourage whole body balance for 10 people.​

awaken     discover      create     love      empower      nourish         ground

This 3 month introductory membership is for new clients to BodyQuest Pilates and remedes + richewels.  

Your Monthly All About Balance Membership Includes :

   + 1 Myofascial Release Treatment at the Wellness Nook
   + 1 Ionic Foot Detox  at the Wellness Nook
   + 8 Pilates Equipment Classes (PEC) at BodyQuest Pilates
   + 4 Pilates Mat Classes at BodyQuest Pilates

10% off remedes + richewels products
10% off BodyQuest Products

 A Commitment to Balance Gift  ($100 value)

Membership Cost
$195/month with a 3 month commitment* 
(savings of $534 over three months)

Register below. Only 10 spots available!

*This offer is limited to the first 10 people who sign up.  Appointment and class scheduling are based on BodyQuest Pilates and remedes+richewels appointment and class availability.  The Package is a 3 month commitment with an $108+tax recurring electronic payment to BodyQuest Pilates and a recurring electronic payment to remedes+richewels for $87.00.