natural remedies + everyday rituals
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About Us

sparked by creation, grounded by intuition.
remedes + richewels was founded with the simple passion of helping people maintain a balanced and nourished lifestyleusing healthy remedies and everyday rituals.  
recognizing that all is energy, remedes + richewels focuses on the essential energy points of the body, chakras, and uses these magnificent maps as its main tool for holistic health and life fulfillment.  
as a brand, we hope to create awareness, inspire healthy lifestyles and connect to create positive change in the community.
remedes + richewels are hand-crafted in Tucson, AZ using environmentally conscious practices from root to crown (production to selling). we source the majority of our ingredients locally and are active in supporting the growth of our community. 
the team behind remedes + richewels values all things wellness and believe in creating lifestyle choices filled with love and awareness.