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introducing remedes + richewels

Hello Friends, Family, Supporters, Dreamers, Lovers, Creators, Wanderers and Everything in Between,

Teryn here, and I am the heart behind [remedes + richewels]. Welcome to my first ever blog post! I am currently sitting on a candle lit porch, wrapped in the season of desert monsoons. The smell of creosote and the sound of raindrops surround me, giving me the feeling of promise of a refreshing and fulfilling life. It can take something as simple and complex as Mother Nature, to remind us of life and all its beauty. It’s here where I write from, excited for tomorrow and grateful for my past.

This blog is dedicated to the lifestyle of [r + r], where our remedies and rituals meet our everyday lives to create beauty and inspiration. I hope to connect with people on a level of relating, reminding people that I am just another human behind this brand, on a mission to simply feel good and help others feel good as well. Some may view me as an over-sharer, but I like to think of it as speaking my truth from the most vulnerable state I know. With that, I would like to share with you how the concept of [remedes + richewels] dreamt its way into my life…

I don’t always feel this way, refreshed and positive. The dirty vulnerable truth is I haven’t felt this way consistently in a long time. The struggle to feel good has been a constant bearing on my everyday life. About six months ago I was uprooted from my life in California. A beautiful life at that. What a lot of people didn’t know, was all the darkness I was struggling with inside. Physically, mentally, emotionally, I was exhausted in every way. What I really want to share with you though, is how beautiful darkness can really be. How connecting with that part of you, surrendering to it, can turn out to be a beautiful and fulfilling journey. This takes courage, the surrendering, allowing yourself to completely unravel. Getting to the root of your desires, of your purpose, of your passion. This is how [r + r] was born.

My mother, my mentor, and my best friend scooped me out of bed and brought me home to Arizona, so I could allow myself to come undone, unravel, ground and simply just be. Our first stop though was the singing bowls (Integration) in Joshua Tree. From a depleted state, I allowed myself to be consumed by the experience, having faith in my journey, even this dark part of it. Wrapped in the hour meditation of the singing bowls, piece by piece I was sent a map of my next step, of fulfilling my passion, of creating [r + r] , of finding my purpose again. It has taken me six months, and what feels like many lifetimes to get to this point. Struggling with mental illness and auto-immune disease, piece by piece I am putting myself back together and allowing myself to live again.

[remedes + richewels] has essentially become my savior, and the love and gratitude that surrounds this creation is beyond any words that I can share with you. This blog post is dedicated to sharing with my friends, family, supporters, dreamers, lovers, creators, and wanderers the heart behind the name and the gratitude behind the story.

Thank you for grazing with us. I look forward to sharing with you all things [r + r] !